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Awake at night from Eneco windturbines

9/11 what a weird date. As I am writing this, I am reluctant to complain. But on the other hand, that is what I need to do. As the mother of a 4-year old, I must. Because last night was horrific, the tonal impact of the Eneco wind turbine near our home (1,500ft) devastated our nightly peace. My little girl was awake almost the whole night, and cannot go to school today because of it. You know, as a parent you work hard. Hours at the office, hours at the family, hours at home. My husband and I both work hard and we both have important jobs. When we bought our dream house, we were so happy to see where our child would grow up. Everything was perfect. But then in 2013 Eneco happened. It placed its Vestas wind turbine so damned close to our home, it just isn't normal. Despite of all the evidence known at the time that wind turbines near homes have devastating effects, they did it anyway. Bastards. Why? For the money of course. The whole 'Windpark Houten' is running at a severe loss, and only generates income from government subsidies, and from private persons that invested in it. It is losing money, and at the same time keeping us awake at night. But not just us, a study from Utrecht University shows, more than 100 households are suffering. The problems surrounded with this wind turbine installation from Eneco are not being dealt with in any way. In spite of Eneco crying out that it cares about being a good neighbour, literally no action is being taken to help us. The tonal sound that infringes our homes was supposed to be dealt with, the problem has been known for 3 years. New research (Eneco did not want to believe us at first) had to show that the tonal sound did indeed come from the wind turbine. That was 1,5 years ago and still nothing is being done. Good neighbour? Not even close. So as our daughter was lying awake at night, I could not help but wonder if at Eneco everyone was sleeping well. Apparently they do sleep well, even when knowing they are causing this suffering to over 100 families in Houten. What does that say about the kind of neighbour they are? What does it say about the kind of human beings they are?






Windpak Houten, Netherlands

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