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5 years ago I believed that wind turbine infrasound was not a real factor

Johannes Mayer, MD. made a presentation on the serious hazards of infrasound (1 – 20 Hz) from wind turbines saying: „It is unbelievable the flood of international scientific publications that has appeared over the last one and half years.”

In the presentation Mayer cites „120 scientific papers“ confirming the hazardous impacts of infrasound on human health. Mayer blasts the lobby-backed claims (based on measurements taken by unsuitable instruments) that infrasound generated by wind turbines is harmless to humans and wildlife and presents a number of studies showing how the very opposite is true. Watch the video here. An overview of his statements:

Minute 7:35

Mayer tells the audience that 5 years ago he also used to believe that infrasound was not a real factor for anyone a kilometer or further away from the source. But after having researched the new literature on the topic he concluded that infrasound is a serious factor on the health of humans even at far greater distances.

Minute 8:20

Johannes Mayer explains how infrasound acts on the human inner ear and interacts with the brain, and the serious effects it can have on the human organs, citing a study from medical journal Lancet. „It’s confirmed by numerous scientific papers,“ Mayer tells the audience.

Minute 9:15

Mayer presents: The short term effects on infrasound:

- pressure in the ears;

- anxiety feelings;

- dizziness; exhaustion;

- tiredness in the morning;

- respiration disturbance.

Also experiments have been done on animals, and results show profound impacts on their physiology and health, ranging from changes in hormone levels and immunological parameters to damage to lung tissue, Mayer shows.

Minute 10:08

The long term impacts of infrasound:

- chronic respiratory disorders;

- chronic stress and sleep disorders from higher stress hormone levels;

- emotional disorder, depression, burnout;

- high blood pressure;

- heart disease.

And the symptoms of infrasound illness:

- depression;

- irritability;

- tension;

- headache;

- mental and physical exhaustion;

- concentration and sleep disorders;

- noise sensitisation.

All of this is caused the constant low pressure waves acting on the inner ear and fooling the body into thinking it is in motion when in fact it is not. Infrasound interferes with the body’s natural biorhythms.

Mayer concludes this results in infrasound from wind turbines being „a problem to be taken very seriously.”

Mayer blasts windturbine German government agencies for their refusal to acknowledge the very real health facts and for blindly following everything the wind lobby tells them. Sounds familiair to our own government.






Windpak Houten, Netherlands

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